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  1. Good Day Janusz.
    Very grateful to you for the QSO with your station E51WEG
    20.04.2023 12:55 24.923 FT8
    Thank you very much for your report and evaluation of my signal.
    I will be very grateful to you for your confirmation of our QSO in LOTW
    Sincerely, Ivanuts Vasily, UV5ETX.
    Дня доброго Вам Janusz.
    Очень благодарен Вам за проведенное QSO с Вашей станцией E51WEG
    20.04.2023 12:55 24.923 FT8
    Большое спасибо Вам за Ваш рапорт и оценку моего сигнала.
    Очень буду Вам благодарен за Ваше подтверждение нашего QSO в LOTW
    С уважением, Ивануц Василий, UV5ETX.
    — Пересылаемое сообщение —
    От кого: noreply@clublog.org
    Кому: uv5etx@ukr.net
    Тема: E51WEG QSL Order Confirmation
    Дата: 21 апреля 2023, 07:28:59

    Dear Василий Ивануц (UV5ETX),

    Thank you for using Club Log OQRS to complete your QSL request. Here are your reference numbers:
    Club Log reference: l4FpJNkTf
    PayPal reference: 47R55596XK031033B
    Please remember that if you have any questions about your card, they must be sent to the QSL
    manager, not Club Log. Club Log does not complete the printing or posting of your card.
    Club Log OQRS is completely free for use by any radio amateur anywhere in the world. This is only
    possible thanks to support from generous donors. If you would like to show your support for Club Log
    too, we would be extremely grateful. Here is the link to the form:
    vy 73,
    Michael G7VJR and the Club Log team

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